About the cash flow forecasting template

A cash flow forecast is the most important business tool for every business.

Equifax signs data agreement with ATO

Global data, analytics and technology company Equifax has signed an agreement with the ATO to receive commercial tax default data so that it can be displayed in credit reports.

Last chance to claim the loss carry-back

Businesses that need a little more financial help will have one last opportunity to claim the

loss carry-back in their 2021–2022 income tax returns.

Largest cities in the world 1500 to 2100

The information in this chart is fascinating from both an historical perspective as well as what it predicts. It also guarantees you'll be the breakfast table expert every time.

State and Federal Disaster support — May 2022


The following links are to the latest state and federal government plans, schemes, programs, and initiatives to help businesses and individuals manage the impact of yet further national hardships.


E-invoicing will reduce emissions, says PwC

Digitising billing systems would save almost $130 million annually in carbon emissions

Be alert for phoenix activity, businesses told

The ATO says the best protection is “knowledge defence”.