ATO Revs Up As JobKeeper Set To End In March 2021


Although 2020 saw a temporary lull in the ATO and State Revenue Office’s usual activity level due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 is already set to be as busy as ever when it comes to audits and reviews initiated by government revenue authorities.


What’s Happening to Small Business Loans in Australia?


Will 2020 Crisis Continue in 2021?  2020 was hard on small businesses worldwide.


ATO tipped to pounce once JobKeeper ends


With JobKeeper ending in four weeks, small businesses have been urged to “act early” on exploring their insolvency options before the ATO moves on recouping debts.


Contributing to Superannuation


Superannuation remains the best available form of an individual retirement savings plan, in spite of continuing government changes.


Cost of retirement up in December quarter


The cost of retirement for Australians has gone up, with the increases in health insurance and domestic holiday prices, according to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia’s (ASFA) latest figures.


‘Much more complex’: ATO introduces new partnership profit guidelines


The Tax Office has released long-awaited partnership profit guidelines, three years after it first commenced a review of how professional firms engage in income splitting.


ATO’s good-faith approach to crypto won’t last much longer


The ATO has maintained its good-faith approach to the accounting of cryptocurrencies, though it isn’t expected to last much longer, says a national tax and accounting network.


ATO Small Business Newsroom


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Country GDP 1800 to 2040


The information in this chart is fascinating from both an historical perspective as well as what it predicts.  It also guarantees you'll be the BBQ expert every time.