Australian Taxation Office-(ATO) reminder to small businesses this tax time

Small businesses are again in the ATO’s sights this tax time. 

Take action on valuations now to avoid delays, says ATO

The ATO is urging SMSFs to get their asset valuations done before their annual audit to help avoid delays and late lodgements.

Australian Taxation Office warns against asset wash sales

With COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions in the rear-view mirrors of most of the country, the ATO is also beginning to resume ordinary compliance activity levels.

ATO’s interest charges hit highest level in seven years

The ATO has raised both its general interest charge (GIC) rate and shortfall interest charge (SIC) rate for the next quarter, increasing both by more than 1 per cent. 

The Countries that Consume the Most Beer in the World

Check out the countries that consume the most beer from 1963-2021

How to avoid personal liability when dealing with DPNs

There are better ways to handle a director penalty notice than leaving the letter unopened.

SMSF scam investigation sees call centre raided

A boiler room operation in the Philippines has been raided following investigations into a sophisticated scam targeting SMSF money.

What business needs to know about the skills and technology boosts

Proposed measures for a bonus 20 per cent tax deduction to incentivise spending on training and digital uptake are back on track.