Most powerful countries throughout time.

Check out the most powerful countries in every century.

Business owners are seeking exits without a plan, survey finds

Accounting firm William Buck warns most owners are “flying blind” when it comes to maximising the value of their business at the point of sale.

Completing the Sale of a Business

Selling a business involves several steps, moving parts and legal documents.

Scams by numbers – 2022–23 scam data is now available

Did you know that your clients aged between 35-44 are the most likely to pay money to a scammer?

Using the cents per kilometre method for claiming car expenses

The cents per kilometre method is a simple way to work out how much you can deduct for car-related work or business expenses.

I am making a profit but where does all the cash go?

Many small business-owners experience this feeling when they look at their books.  You work hard, money comes in but it all just seems to disappear.  Why?  

Directors on the hook for cyber security, ASIC warns

Repelling attacks is just the start – businesses must demonstrate an ability to respond or the board will be held accountable, the regulator says.

Australian Taxation Office (ATO) motor vehicle data matching program extended

The ATO has extended its motor vehicles data matching program for 2022–2023 to 2024–2025 financial years.